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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis isn't a sleeping state it is more like being awake and very relaxed. This state can be induced by concentrating upon a single focus or idea, then being guided to a state of deep relaxation, suggestions can be made for positive sustainable change that you want to achieve. In this relaxed state your subconcious can focus on solving problems. Trance is very similar in feeling to daydreaming whilst being alert to your surroundings and in control.

Sessions are often useful in enabling different reactions and offering more focus with food or exercise goals.

Significant results are often achieved within a relatively short period of time.

Results may vary.


Therapy is often helpful for:

Stress and anxiety management

Sleep issues

Weight control

Smoking cessation


Pain management

Relaxation techniques for pregnancy and childbirth

Management of hot flushes associated with menopause.

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